Ubuntu 13.10 was released on 17 Oct, 2013. So, on 20 Oct, 2013, we had a Ubuntu 13.10 Release Party in Mumbai!

This event was clubbed with the first Mumbai Linux Users’ Group’s meetup of this year. We had a very nice session on Linux for ARM devices by Siji Sunny. He talked about Open Hardware and how it is different from Open Source Software. He touched on the topic of Ubuntu Core in his talk.

I gave a small presentation on Ubuntu 13.10. I showed all the features of Ubuntu and Unity in particular. I gave a general talk on Ubuntu Touch and the Unity Smart Scopes service. I distributed Ubuntu 13.10 ISO files.

This was followed by a key-signing party.

A very varied set of talks and good participation made this a very successful Release Party.

So, until next time Mumbai!


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