The Ubuntu Global Jam India for the Saucy Cycle took place over three days from Friday 13th September 2013 to Sunday 15th September 2013.

Unfortunately, due to the Ganapati festival in Mumbai, there was no venue available for the event. So, this year’s event was a virtual one, over IRC! The event was coordinated over the #ubuntu-in channel on Freenode.

An introductory talk about the Ubuntu Global Jam was conducted at IIT Madras by T Shrinivas. He demonstrated how to use Launchpad at this event. Then, he taught himself about Debian Packaging, with a focus on packaging Python apps as well. He also wrote an article in Tamil about how to contribute to Ubuntu! The various details are mentioned on his blog.

I went through a few testcases and filed a couple of bugs along the way as part of the Testing Jam! Here is my testing report.

ISO Testing:

Package Testing:

Bug Reports filed:

Finally, I proposed a fix for LP #1225810 and LP #1225812.

The QA Team at #ubuntu-quality was very welcoming and helped me get started with the testing. Thumbs up to them!

All in all, a fun and productive Global Jam. Until next time!


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