I conducted the first Ubuntu Global Jam Mumbai of this year on Sunday 6th April.

First Run - Ubuntu Touch on a Nexus 4

From L to R: Purvesh Shah, Akshay Bhalshankar and Ankit Javalakar

From L to R: Me, Purvesh Shah and Ankit Javalakar

Activities completed:

Upgrade Jam: I upgraded my desktop machine from Ubuntu 12.04 LTS to 14.04 LTS. The upgrade was a breeze and I have not faced any issue, post upgrade.

Installation Jam:

  • Ankit successfully installed Ubuntu in VMware, using a VMware image.
  • As I had mentioned in a previous blog post, (Purvesh Shah) has an original Windows installation in a RAID setup. So, earlier, there was no way to install on this machine without losing the original Windows installation (Linux cannot understand the RAID as the special RAID drivers are Windows-only). However, I was successfully able to install Ubuntu 14.04 on his pen-drive this time. Ubuntu seems to have improved a lot!
  • Akshay also installed Ubuntu on a pendrive.
  • Last but not the least: Purvesh also installed Ubuntu Touch on his Nexus 4 and it looked splendid. Purvesh was impressed that a not-yet-released mobile operating system had so many apps already available for it!

It was a fun-filled Ubuntu Global Jam! Now, let’s move onwards and upwards in the mobile OS wars!


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