As part of Mini-DebConf Mumbai 2015, I will be posting a series of articles called the “People Behind the Mini-DebConf Mumbai”, a series to help you get to know your speakers better. This article is about Abhishek Bhattacharjee.

Rigved Rakshit: Who are you?
Abhishek Bhattacharjee: I am Abhishek Bhattacharjee. I got associated with Debian through GSoC. I have been using Debian for past 4 years. I love open source, although my first love is music.

RR: How did you start contributing to Debian?
AB: I haven’t officially contributed anything to Debian. I worked on a project in my GSoC. The project basically was implementing a Debian Enhancement Proposal. It’s have not been included in the Debian Archive Kit yet. And now we have a hard freeze for Jessie. I hope that the code will be accepted after that. By the way, another Debian based distribution called Tanglu is using AppStream. Tanglu is using part of the code we wrote.

RR: Are there any teams within Debian which you are currently a part of? If yes, can you please explain the work which this team does and your role in it?
AB: I am not involved in any Debian team right now. Although I hope to be a part of one :) I have been keeping busy with my full-time work so that could be one excuse for that ;)

RR: What motivates you to speak at the Mini-DebConf Mumbai 2015?
AB: There are a lot of things, first motivation is that I like open source. Second would be I want people to know what AppStream is (all about). Also knowing new people and places is another motivation.

RR: What’s the biggest problem of Debian?
AB: I am not in a position to comment about that. I have just started and really don’t know the internal workings and policies of Debian to be able to comment on them.

RR: Do you have wishes for Debian Jessie?
AB: I find everything in Debian so smooth that I don’t really have much expectations :D

RR: Is there someone in Debian that you admire for their contributions? AB: I admire all the people I have seen, everyone is doing great to keep Debian going, in particular I really have huge respect for my GSoC mentor Matthias Klumpp, he does a lots of contribution, he is not even a computer science student, he works for Debian and open source in general because he likes doing it.

RR: Is there anything else that you would like to say to the visitors of this blog post about the Mini-DebConf or Debian in general? AB: I would like to say that Open Source is a great place to learn, it is once such place where you have control in your hands to change things, better things if you find them faulty. And if you are working with right people you can learn a hell lot, than you would learn in your college or any place else.

You can find Abhishek’s presentation slides on Appstream here.


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