Ubuntu Edge

Ever wish that you did not have to carry your laptop all over the place? Ever wish that your phone had more storage space, more RAM, more processor speed? What if your phone could actually do everything that your laptop could do and more?

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Using Saucy

Just a quick update:

I am using Ubuntu Saucy Salamandar on my laptop since the past 10 days. Everything is working like a breeze, even though this is a pre-alpha version!

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Project 1: XBMC running on Raspbian

This weekend, I wanted to tackle my first project with my Raspi. I thought that I would setup Debian Wheezy + XBMC on one SD card. This is when I heard about the Raspbian project. So, I setup XBMC on Raspbian using this method. It took about 12 hours to compile XBMC on my raspi, something which others have also confirmed on the forums.

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